Achieving Professional Status

Three-Part Series

Do you think you are a professional?  Are you coachable?  This article explains what keeps most executives from truly being a professional. If you would like to become a professional, keep reading.   Our society is enamored with professionals – professional athletes, professional musicians, professional artists. People that have reached the professional level are revered […]

Days 5 & 6 – Feed Your Mind

Mark Hayes

Growth doesn’t stop on the weekends.  Take these two days to feed your mind.  Find books, articles, or posts about self-growth or real estate and read for two hours.  Here are some books I’m finishing up, and I highly recommend: Together is Better by Simon Sinek Life on Earth by Mike Dooley Ninja Selling by Larry […]

One of my favorite writers, friends. You have to check it out.

Mark Hayes

One of my favorite writers and friends, Mike Dooley, shared this inspiring post about how helping others can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.  Not only that, but you can help someone in need. The author of the blog post Everyone Wins by Helping, Eva Berger, talks about the “power of looking outward” and […]

Must Read: “Like The Shepherd”

Leading Your Marriage with Love and Grace. By Robert Wolgemuth

Mark Hayes

Several years ago I read Robert’s book “She Calls My Daddy” and it forever changed my life.  I have two precious little girls who I would die for and who have given me as close a vision of how God looks and feels. I know Robert personally and having lost his wife to cancer, going […]