Day 7 – Become a Professional Seller

Seek advice from Million Dollar Producers

Mark Hayes
I hope you got two hours of reading (Feeding your brain) in this weekend.
Are you committed to being the best advisor to your current clients? Are you determined to expand your reach? You are not alone.
List More, Sell More by Jerry Bresser has proven selling techniques that work. I know because I have used them throughout my career. If you can get your hands on a copy, I highly suggest you read it or take it one step further and memorize his techniques.
In his book, Jerry Bresser discusses the principles behind following those who are successful in the business.
When I said $100,000, he said, ‘Then why are you seeking advice from $10,000 people? Find the top earners, learn what they say and learn it exactly the way they say it. Every word counts.
This is the purpose of the 30-day challenge. I want to share with you exactly what I do as a successful producer so you can be successful yourself.
Day 7 is a big day: 5 more letters, 3 gifts, 3 client calls and 10 emails.
I urge you to start your day praying, meditating, giving thanks, and planning your day.
But, do not give up. Never give up.

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