Day 8 – Do that ONE thing that sets you apart

Professional athletes are no different than professional salespeople

Mark Hayes
Professional athletes are no different from professionals. You cannot get a Ph.D. in football and expect to be the best player on the field. Practice what you have learned.  According to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.  There are no shortcuts.
The best foundations are built out of rock which is why your career begins at rock bottom. -Mark Allen Hayes
Also, professional athletes do not train for 8 hours in a row. They train hard, then recover. It’s work, recover, work, recover, in 30-minute increments. Executives think they can work 8 hours and consistently be productive.  That is not the case. The mind needs a break that is why we meditate. To calm our thoughts to get more clarity.
Pro athletes take great care of their bodies. They get enough sleep, eat the right things, pray, and visualize the sport.
Professional salespeople are no different. They must take care of themselves through mind body and spirit to do their best. Not only that, they need a coach.

Do that ONE thing that sets you apart

I spent hours today looking for an answer we already knew. I was looking for the ONE most important thing that agents need to do to become a top producer. This one thing that is also mentioned by EVERY top coach.
The stats are overwhelming for those who do this “one” thing. They receive 70% more leads, close 50% more of their appointments, and earn twice as much income from those that do not do this one thing.
One more thing. This “one” thing costs nothing, and it only takes four hours a month.
Guess what it is?
A once-a-week accountability call with their broker or coach on what THEIR plan is for the week/month/year. It’s okay if plans change but make it a prerogative to have a weekly accountability call. It must become a ritual.
Who wants to earn 50% more money from 70% more leads?
Day 8 – Write out you plan for April and May, and schedule calls with your accountability partner for the next two months.
We are in this together.

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