Day 4 -Move Aside Carbs, We Need Some Meat

Set yourself apart from the other 80 percent

Mark Hayes

Man cannot live on only carbohydrates. Sometimes we need some meat. At the level of real estate that we operate, the relationship building and customer service acrobatics will only get us so far. At some point in our careers, we are going to have to become the true industry leaders and advisors that our more sophisticated clients demand. We have to remember that most people in this business, the 80 percent, mostly present basic information without strong recommendations. They allow their customers to pull them around by the nose.

That’s not us.

We are real estate agents. What that means, in addition to relentless customer service, we aspire to be that 20 percent who knows more information about this business than even our most sophisticated clients.


Because unlike our sophisticated clients, we do this full time. We are a group of experienced professionals that collaborate regularly and share information. We are humble enough to seek advice from others when we don’t have the answer. We are high-level students ourselves and recognize, as the best doctors do, that there is always more to learn.

Research a meaty real estate topic on Google or use your company’s Schmidt Report and send a copy via email to 10 clients. Easy, breezy right? In this pursuit of protein, find a really meaty article that is relevant to the challenge we are facing today, for example, “tight inventory” or “uncertainty with rates.”

Today’s challenge accomplishes two things, first, you will learn something meaty, and second, ten people will respect you more and know you are not a fluffy real estate home model.

The more relevant the article to your clients, the better. For example, if your story is about new loans that Iberia Bank and others who are offering 100% to doctors, then, of course, the ten people on that list should be doctors.

Remember to start your day meditating and remind yourself of all of your blessings. Begin your day being grateful. Plan out your day. Write your tasks on a calendar. Focus on ONE big goal. Tell your coach your accomplishments. Drink lot’s of water. Memorize one good joke. Be interesting and interested in others.


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