Day 2 – The Right Way to “Real Estate”

Creating value with customer-centric real estate

Mark Hayes

Imagine if the words “Real Estate” were synonymous with a particular way that things were handled, addressed, or settled. Imagine if the words “Real Estate” immediately brought a vivid image of high quality, superior customer service, better results, and overall excellence. How would we go about creating an environment where when people heard the words “Real Estate” they immediately thought it means something good?

It’s all about branding and communicating the meaning of “Real Estate” with those who are closest to you. It’s not about the big idea. It’s more about the little things that make a difference.

What I would like everyone to accomplish is to think about who in their life is closest to them. Someone who can be brutally raw and honest and try things that they’ve never tried before to receive honest feedback.

I am convinced that we do not need generation tools, we do not need fancy technology, we do not need to spend good money on programs that put our listings in places where buyers aren’t looking just to get listings. I believe that if we focus intently on providing excellent customer service, optimal communication, and we stick to the very basics the people will beat down our door to have us list their homes. Why? Because it is more than a likely person’s selling cycle will come when their potential clients believe they are more competent than the rest of those selling real estate.

The Value of Customer-Centric Real Estate

I have read more articles lately from various sources that real estate is at a juncture where the people in New York, on Wall Street, are trying to take the entire industry from people-centric to algorithms that magically and mathematically connect the seller of homes to buyers. I think this is ridiculous. This method might be fine for checking out at retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s or even your local grocery store, but I seriously doubt that any retailer who is concerned with customer service would completely replace the person who checks you out at a Publix Supermarket.

Real estate is a business filled with challenges and inconsistencies. Most importantly, the real estate profession there’s lots of selling, where there is lots of emotion and lots of drama. I want to focus on the things that create an environment where people are thinking about us often.

When I try and consider the challenges of a busy day and all of the things that create distractions, I’m reminded that everyone on the planet has the same amount of time each day. We all have 24 hours in a day, and in those 24 hours, we need to sleep and eat and commute and spend time with our friends and families to be balanced.

But, for most of us, we do not make the best use of the 8 to 10 hours a day that we are supposed to be using to earn a living. It always amazes me that some people have the capacity to get so much more done than others when it comes to complex businesses like real estate.

Real estate is about building relationships and listening to our clients helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about how we create value for people.

Some basic principles of the right way to Real Estate

1. Start creating value for people.
2. We are going to focus on the people that are closest to us, the people that we care about the most, and the people who we already know.
3. We are going to become very customer-centric, and we are going to keep the phrase close to our hearts. It’s all about them; it’s not about us.
4. We are going to work on Personal Mastery because when we get better, our business gets better.

One of the main principles is focusing on the simple next goal, and we become experts at breaking down huge, complex problems into very small and bite-size tasks.

The discipline to set the time aside needs to have a component of accountability, meaning that we reduce ourselves to writing what we spend our time on. We become what we spend our time on. We achieve the accountability component when we partner up with somebody and share a common responsibility for helping others achieve their goals.

Time is one of the key components of real estate success. The opportunities in real estate are rare because it is such a competitive business. Only those who are prepared to strike when the opportunity presents itself are the ones that find themselves winning the very competitive game we call “real estate.”

The task for today is to send five gifts of appreciation.

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