Must Read: “Like The Shepherd”

Leading Your Marriage with Love and Grace. By Robert Wolgemuth

Mark Hayes

Several years ago I read Robert’s book “She Calls My Daddy” and it forever changed my life.  I have two precious little girls who I would die for and who have given me as close a vision of how God looks and feels.

I know Robert personally and having lost his wife to cancer, going through a long journey of rediscovery and connectedness with God.  In time, Robert found an angel, Nancy Lee Demos, who is now his bride and partner in so many ways.  With everything going on in his life, I never imagined he would have time to write such a powerful book.  “Like a Shepherd” has again changed my life.  Not because of the relationship with my daughters but rather the relationship with my wife and Jesus.

Robert, your simple logic is so easy to wear, it feels like my old best sweater. Your advice is stern, loving, and precise and patient when needed.  It always was delivered from the perspective that you have lived these lines of advice and tested their ability to heal, save marriages, families and, ultimately, whole communities.

I loved every page, every story and frankly, it requires more than one read to gain the full appreciation of what this book can accomplish in your life.

Bravo Robert.

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