Days 5 & 6 – Feed Your Mind

Mark Hayes

Growth doesn’t stop on the weekends.  Take these two days to feed your mind.  Find books, articles, or posts about self-growth or real estate and read for two hours.  Here are some books I’m finishing up, and I highly recommend:

Together is Better by Simon Sinek

Life on Earth by Mike Dooley

Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall

I recently listened to a sermon that taught me a profound lesson.  Pastor Swanson advised:

“Let go. You have to empty your hands if you want to catch anything new.”

Most of us would say our lives are full and busy.  Which means if we are to learn new and better ways of serving people with their real estate problems, we have to let go of some other things in our lives that take up time.

“How can you swim and get only a little bit wet? You have to go all in.” – Mark Allen Hayes

It is the simple things that no one else does every day that separates the successful salespeople from the other 80 percent.  Let go of those things that do not provide you value and add habits that provide you the tools to be a better person for your family and customers.  


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