Day 3 – Let’s Get Organized

The importance of organization and planning for a balanced mind

mark hayes

Well, today was fun! Several people have already reported to me that the time they are spending writing the letters and sending the gifts is already paying off.

So far, I have heard:

“This feels really good to do this! I know this is going to work.”

“This was easier than I thought,” “I love doing this.”

and the best one today:

“I’m going to kick everyone’s ass.”

Now on to Day 3

I want to talk about organization and planning. Today is not only about being consistent with your simple tasks, but also keeping a record of each of them. Take pictures of your emails, file away your articles, and put the daily tasks you’ve learned during this 30-day challenge on a calendar.

To take care of your clients, you also need to take care of yourself, which includes your physical and mental health. One step is getting organized to keep a balanced set of mind. As we discussed yesterday, being customer-centric will help drive your success, but you cannot be your best self without organization and planning. It makes a huge impression on a client when you’re listening and keeping track of each conversation, and have a clear state-of-mind.

I am challenging you to do a little extra and complete the below:

  1. Send five more hand-written letters, one gift, and call three past clients just to say hello and see if they want a copy of your company’s market report – The Schmidt Report.
  2. Spend 30 minutes reading a book on one of three topics: Leadership, Salesmanship or Real Estate.
  3. Create a custom folder/label in your inbox to save all these emails you sent this week.
    • Bonus ask: Change the color on each event so that when you look at your calendar, you will have a visual of how much time you have spent on this.

Don’t forget to meditate and remind yourself of how blessed you are each morning.

Let’s get organized!


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