The Secrets of Launching Your Child’s Career

Millions of kids are graduating unable to find meaningful work and academia alone will not prepare your child for a thriving career.  A Ph.D. in football would not qualify your child for the NFL.  There are five key skills that create desirable, hireable kids.  Most parents think that these five skills are taught in school.  These five skills are best taught by parents acting as mentors.


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Achieving Professional Status

Do you think you are a professional?  Are you coachable?  This article explains what keeps most executives from truly being a professional. If you would like to become a professional, keep reading.   Our society is enamored with professionals – professional athletes, professional musicians, professional artists. People that have reached the professional level are revered …

Mark’s Biography

Mark Hayes, Mark Hayes Orlando Real Estate, Mark Allen Hayes

Mark Hayes is an entrepreneur, real estate broker, writer, speaker, coach, husband and father. Currently, Mark is the President and Broker of Stockworth Realty, a Central Florida-based real estate company founded by the Tavistock Group in 2006 to represent high-profile clients outside their privately owned communities of Lake Nona and the Isleworth Golf & Country Clubs. In 2015, Mark led a management buyout of Stockworth Realty, continues to consult with Tavistock and Lake Nona on a variety of projects, serves as the Director of Education for the Lake Nona Institute, and writes and speaks on real estate and education throughout Orlando, Nashville and Detroit. Over the last ten years, Mark has worked as the broker or consultant on real estate projects totaling over $1 billion, and he’s personally brokered over $100 million the last three years consecutively. Mark’s real estate accomplishments were featured on the FOX news show, The Property Man, and his writings on education were published in a case study by the Harvard Business Review. Mark’s written hundreds of speeches professionally and is an award-winning speaker. Most impressively, he convinced Jodi Rutmann Hayes to marry him and is the father of two daughters, Taylor and Leah.

In his education role, Mark has led the education initiative for Lake Nona since 2006.  Lake Nona is the state’s fastest growing community with over $3 billion in active construction.  Lake Nona has been featured in numerous national media outlets and was featured in Harvard Business Review for its innovative approaches to healthcare and education.

In 2009, Mark worked with the team that helped Florida and Orange County win the $700 million “Race to the Top” federal grant, which over $23 million came directly to Orange County Public Schools. Mark was a co-founder of the Lake Nona Institute and is the current Director of Education.  Lake Nona Institute hosts the annual Lake Nona Impact Forum, attracting renowned speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Sanjay Gupta, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Oz and many others.   Mark was also the founding chairman of the Lake Nona Education Council.

In 2004, Mark founded Stockworth Academy where he created an Entrepreneurial Fast Track program for young adults, where instead of teaching business to young adults, he went into business with them.  His program was featured at Lake Highland Preparatory School for four years, and since then, he has helped prepare over 200 young adults for a life of entrepreneurialism.  For years, Mark has been a guest lecturer and business plan judge at both UCF and Rollins College.

Mark received his MBA from Rollins, his BA from the University of Central Florida and received his national CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation in 2008. Mark and Jodi Hayes have two daughters, are members of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando and have lived in Orlando for over 30 years.  Mark enjoys guitars, cycling and vintage fountain pens.