Day 9 – Can Tech Companies Sell Real Estate?

technology, real estate

In a 30-year cycle, there are ups and downs in the economy. Whenever an industry’s return on investments is more than 10%, 15%, 20%, or anything above the normal average, it attracts investors. In the same way, when a company makes too much cash, they become a buyout target. These successful companies start to attract […]

Day 8 – Do that ONE thing that sets you apart

Professional athletes are no different than professional salespeople

professional athlete executive

Professional athletes are no different from professionals. You cannot get a Ph.D. in football and expect to be the best player on the field. Practice what you have learned.  According to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.  There are no shortcuts. The best foundations are […]

Day 7 – Become a Professional Seller

Seek advice from Million Dollar Producers

professional seller

I hope you got two hours of reading (Feeding your brain) in this weekend.   Are you committed to being the best advisor to your current clients? Are you determined to expand your reach? You are not alone.   List More, Sell More by Jerry Bresser has proven selling techniques that work. I know because […]

Days 5 & 6 – Feed Your Mind

feed your mind, books

Growth doesn’t stop on the weekends.  Take these two days to feed your mind.  Find books, articles, or posts about self-growth or real estate and read for two hours.  Here are some books I’m finishing up, and I highly recommend: Together is Better by Simon Sinek Life on Earth by Mike Dooley Ninja Selling by Larry […]

Day 4 -Move Aside Carbs, We Need Some Meat

Set yourself apart from the other 80 percent

meat, real estate, research

Man cannot live on only carbohydrates. Sometimes we need some meat. At the level of real estate that we operate, the relationship building and customer service acrobatics will only get us so far. At some point in our careers, we are going to have to become the true industry leaders and advisors that our more […]

Day 3 – Let’s Get Organized

The importance of organization and planning for a balanced mind

planning and organization, mark allen hayes

Well, today was fun! Several people have already reported to me that the time they are spending writing the letters and sending the gifts is already paying off. So far, I have heard: “This feels really good to do this! I know this is going to work.” “This was easier than I thought,” “I love […]

Day 2 – The Right Way to “Real Estate”

Creating value with customer-centric real estate

Real Estate, customer service

Imagine if the words “Real Estate” were synonymous with a particular way that things were handled, addressed, or settled. Imagine if the words “Real Estate” immediately brought a vivid image of high quality, superior customer service, better results, and overall excellence. How would we go about creating an environment where when people heard the words […]

Day 1 – Earning $250k the Easy Way

Simple tasks every day

real estate, handwritten notes, fountain pen

The biggest accomplishments in real estate are executing the easiest and simplest of tasks, every day. Whenever you represent somebody else, you are wise to make constant reference to always remain disciplined whether it’s for an investment or rental property. Simple gestures to earn the easy way Real estate is a business based on referrals. […]

It’s Time to Take Action

Prepare Yourself for a 30-Day Challenge

bob massi, mark allen hayes, fox, interview

I hope everyone has a chance to take 30 minutes to pray and meditate, to give thanks for all we have and celebrate the meaning of this day. I woke up this morning with the idea that I want to share. Several of you have asked me how to get jumpstarted on creating more activity, […]